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Help me maintain my music's purity and magic rather than "selling out" or giving up control to an outdated and bureaucratic corporation that designs music to sell quickly and puts their own vision and agenda on my work, likely zapping this magic. What inspired me to make music in the first place is the deep emotional connection, inspiration and spiritual satisfaction that I got as an child and teenager listening to my favorite bands and artists. Music saved my life and rescued me from depression and addiction. A lot of the time, I felt empty outside of listening to recordings of these artists from bygone eras. Mainstream mass media, talent shows and bubblegum pop of the time and today does not offer me this same spiritual fulfillment as this other music does. I became an artist because I was so inspired by the spirit of music that I wanted to pay it forward and re-create it through my own work.  Through hard work, I am now at a point where I can create this magic for others, but to continue to do so requires investment, energy and basic living expenses, so that I don't have to turn to other draining types of labor to survive.

Help me do music full-time. The more time I have to create music, the more songs I release, the better my performances are, the better your musical experience will be, the better my mental state will be, and the more creativity and thought I can put into my music. While I've supported myself entirely during my adult life, I've always felt very depressed and drained from any non-artistic forms of employment. This type of work saps my creativity, energy and time. Additionally, I have been catching frequent colds and viruses as a result of unsanitary conditions, stress and working in close contact with other people. This forces me to cancel performances and go into voice rest, in addition to making me feel bad. When I have this magic to offer that could potentially change people's lives, it's never made sense to me that my whole being goes to being an object doing something irrelevant to fulfill another economic need. Often these environments are toxic and centered around survival or petty b.s. There is a poverty and limited mindset. The owners and more powerful members of the company exploit my talent and time towards their purpose and economic gain without compensating me much in return. It's important that I remove myself from these environments so that I can create music at a higher wavelength, put my talents towards my own vision, and reap the fruits of my labor.

Help me re-invest in my career. As much as I try to bootstrap my creative process, making music is not free. Costs include music software, mixing, marketing, hardware equipment and instruments, training/education, graphic design software and more. I would love to get a record produced and mixed at a full studio, market an album to the fullest, do a professional video or have a killer live show with studio musicians, visuals and professional videography. I have never been able to do these things because I've never had the funding.

Show your appreciation for my music. Any tip or investment on your part reminds me of the positive impact I am having on your life. Knowing that I can do that always puts a smile on my face :).

Spread a spirit of generosity. Knowing that there are good people in the world willing to give without a specific expectation in return makes my heart smile. 

Help me feel less stressed. I took a very risky career path and I am sweating out every dollar. I want more peace of mind. I've never been able to buy myself a decent meal, trip or article of clothing without feeling guilty or worrying if I can cover my basic expenses. I don't want to live like this.