Los Angeles, CA

Anna Awe’s career is defined by a lifelong commitment to the arts and entertainment.  A multi-talented singer/songwriter, music producer, DJ, actor and writer, Anna's creative works and performances have found their way into the imaginations and hearts of fans all around the world.

To date, Anna has written and produced hundreds of pop songs.  She performs many of these on her livestream show, which attracts thousands of viewers every time.  As singer and topliner, she has also collaborated with producers around the world and released singles that have been played on radio stations and charted on Beatport.  Her sound, a blend of pop/rock and electronic music, is rooted in the days when she sang rock and blues with her band.  A skilled keyboardist and music producer, she often creates the beats and backing tracks to her songs and mixes them for digital distribution.  She is also a working open-format DJ with experience spinning private events and bars/clubs.

Anna is a trained actor.  She studied acting full-time at the renowned Michael Howard Studios as well as Stella Adler and Brown University, where she earned her undergraduate degree.  In her acting, she draws upon her vivid imagination, sense of humor, love of language and unique life experiences to paint fascinating character portrayals and stories.    

Anna also has written six full-length screenplays and countless short stories and poems.  She cultivated a talent for writing long before she completed her Literary Arts degree at Brown University.  She also regularly writes about entertainment and culture for publications such as BPM Supreme.