Los Angeles, CA



Anna Awe is an American singer/songwriter, music producer and DJ whose songs blend poetic rock/pop storytelling with the latest technology.  Her work has been featured on FM radio stations and released by labels around the world.  Her innovative, digitally driven DIY approach is paving a new path for creatives everywhere. As one reviewer said, Anna’s art is a full experience with a 360 degree view.  Her music isn’t just notes on a recording, but an audiovisual universe of stories, sounds, colors, words and ideas.

When Anna was young, a few friends and family members identified that she had a beautiful voice, so she began to hone this talent.  At first, she covered classic rock songs by artists such as Jefferson Airplane, The Animals and Patti Smith, and wrote songs based around traditional chord progressions.  As time went on, she began to incorporate music production, sound design and beat-making into these chord patterns.  

Lyrics and storytelling form a key aspect of Anna’s songwriting.  Many of her songs begin as poems or short stories.  Every song illustrates a story or sentiment.  She carefully chooses words to convey meaning beyond just sounding good.  Her songs are screenplays to music videos, and in some cases those videos are only playing in the listener’s head.  She believes great lyrics illustrate life experiences in new ways and can inspire great personal and societal change.   Anna is also a conservatory-trained actor, and performance art plays a large part of her artistry.  In musical storytelling, the sentiment and tone of voice are just as important as the notes.  She is not shy to take on different personae in different songs.  She also brings her training into her performances to give more animation and life to them.

Anna spent years writing songs with voice and piano, while she studied music production.  In 2019, she turned these songs into completed records and began distributing them digitally. Now, what began as posting a few tracks online is growing into a global digital phenomenon with thousands of followers, listeners and fans.  Anna’s original plan was to use home production to create demos to pitch to labels and producers.  However, she became so fascinated by the art of production that she began producing, releasing, and distributing her own records.  Now, no matter where she travels on her creative path as a singer-songwriter, DIY production will always be a component.   

Anna Awe shows how with little more than an imagination and artistic talent, one can build a musical universe and have a global impact.  As the ‘old system’ of music production and distribution becomes more and more obsolete, she hopes to use her knowledge of digital and social media to pave a new path for music artists everywhere.